Customer Testimonies


July 28, 2023

Brooke was amazing! She responded fast, answered all questions, puppies come with papers, you get to see where everything happens, and she is so nice. I love my puppy from her. He fits in perfectly to my small family (husband, cat, and I). Couldn’t have a better breeder. The puppy is worth the $ and Brooke makes everything easy.


I met my new best friend!

July 27, 2023

I was lucky enough to be able to add Firewater (known as Norman) about a year and a half ago. Brooke was so helpful in matching my personality with the puppy that would be the best fit, and I have loved every day since welcoming him into my home. I highly recommend working with Brooke!

Mady- Normans Mama

Brooke was very professional & easy to work with

July 26, 2023

I purchased a puppy from Borderview Aussies this past summer. Brooke was very professional & easy to work with. The entire process was completely stress free. She really goes above and beyond & I haven’t experienced that before with other breeders. I genuinely feel that I couldn’t have picked a better person to purchase a puppy from & I highly recommend her to anyone that asks. Wallen is the BEST dog I’ve ever had & he has the most amazing personality. I can confidently say that my next puppy will be from Borderview Aussies too.

Hannah, Owner of William F. Cody now known as Wallen.

Borderview aussies gave me such a sweet and loyal companion

July 26, 2023

Borderview Aussies!! My boy just turned 10 months old a few days ago and he has been nothing but amazing. He’s his mommas spitting image and is absolutely beautiful. Everyone who meets him falls in love. He is sweet, intelligent, and eager to please. In the first few weeks home he was already learning the routine, sit, stay, paw, and leave it! He loves people, other dogs, and even lets the cats snuggle him. Whether it’s a road trip in the car, a hike in the woods, or a lazy day watching movies, he is just happy to be there. I live on the east coast so it was a lot of planing to pick him up and Brooke was helpful every step of the way. She kept me updated on everything. I picked him up at the Minneapolis airport and he slept the whole plane ride home. The puppies have so much love and socialization during their early development and it really shows. He’s happy, healthy, and was instantly an irreplaceable part of the family. We just had a snow storm that dropped 3-4 feet in some areas and he helped me shovel out a path, lol! Borderview aussies gave me such a sweet and loyal companion, and to day Brooke still answers any questions I have!

Rachelle, Owner of Doc Holliday

We absolutely love our Borderview pup

July 26, 2023

Hello from Hayley and Billy the Kid….aka Billy,Bill Bill, Billy Boy, Billard, William Robert (when he’s in trouble), Little Stinker, Sweet Boy, Billy Bear, Baby Bill, Billy Boo, among others depending on the day! We absolutely love our Borderview pup…he has such a sweet personality and is so much fun! He is very smart and it shows that he came from some awesome puppy parents and was well taken care of before he became part of our family. He has a lot of energy and loves to play, but will also cuddle right in and rest or get some belly rubs. He knows lots of commands and mastered puppy school quickly but his go-to trick for getting treats is putting up his paw for a “high five”. We are so glad that we found Mr Bill through Borderview Aussies, and will definitely want to work with Brooke again to add another sweet puppy to our family when the time is right!


Borderview Aussies was an amazing group to get an Australian Shepherd from

July 26, 2023

Borderview Aussies was an amazing group to get an Australian Shepherd from. Yui, our Aussie, has an incredible demeanor and personality. Her temperament is SO sweet. She moved from Minnesota to New York City but adjusted incredibly well. She’s now 4 months old, and she is so good with people – she is even good with kids. She loves running and herding other dogs at the dog park. She loves to play, cuddle, and solve puzzles (very quickly!). We own two cats who she also gets along with. Lastly, she is so easy to train. She is extremely food motivated! With some patience and dedication, she can learn a new trick in less than 30 minutes. She loves performing for us, and is so eager to play and learn. Brooke does an amazing job with her dogs and it’s evident is how incredible Yui is. The adoption process was easy and Brooke was flexible throughout. Can’t say enough good things! We are so happy with our new family member!

Rachel, Owner of Tanya Tucker now known as Yui.

Fantastic breeding program and puppies!

July 26, 2023

In 2022 I got my first Min American Shepard (Reba) from Brooke and just recently brought home Magpie from the same mom/dad combo. So I have to wonderful pups from Chris Creek Ranch and couldn’t be happier with my decision to get my dogs from here. If you are looking for a great pup, I highly recommend Chris Creek Ranch.

Kaytlynn Kukowski