Chris Creek Ranch

Chris Creek Ranch: A legacy of faith, hard work, & dedication.

A Message from Cole & Brooke

At Chris Creek Ranch, we strive towards quality in all aspects. We are committed to learning & growing to always bring the best to our animals & to our clients.

Registered Hereford Cattle
Australian Cattle Dogs
Katahdin Sheep

The beginning of Chris Creek Ranch

My husband Cole’s grandparents, Ray & Lillian Christianson, were the start of Chris Creek Ranch. In 1963, they started a dairy called Chris Creek Dairy. Starting with 30 cows & expanding from there, continuing with the dairy for 30 years. They also owned a greenhouse on the property & raised miniature horses, both of those getting the Chris Creek name as well.

Grandpa Ray passed in 2017 & is greatly missed by his family every day. Around that time, Cole began the process of buying the ranch. 

Cole & Brooke

Cole & I got married in July of 2022 & I moved out to the ranch. I already had a small dog breeding program called Borderview Aussies but we wanted to carry on the legacy of Chris Creek. We are so blessed to be able to carry on the Chris Creek name & we know Grandpa Ray would be proud to see all the hard work & love still being put into it!

Fun Facts

Not only do we have sheep, cattle, horses & dogs; but we also have almost 30 free range chickens & a lovely jersey/guernsey milk cow!

Cole & Brooke got married not once but TWICE! One little wedding at our home & another big wedding later.

Cole & Brooke both grew up rodeoing & continue to use horses on the ranch